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Venus in Libra – lightness of being

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

She is the artist at heart and life is her canvas.

Venus in Libra in the natal chart

Venus in Libra is in her domicile -meaning she is the natural ruler of this sign. The planet of love, beauty, abundance and Divine Feminine is here very strong and empowered. Though, however Venus feels at home in Libra, she might seem like a walking contradiction. She embodies everything we believe to be feminine: quite stylish, fashionable and alluring, she will charm you with her graciousness.

A beautifully decorated living room with the finest art. The latest fashion magazine. A snuggle along the evening fire. You will recognize Venus in Libra through her chatty and social vibe, making sure everyone feels good and comfortable.

But also she is very ambitious and strategic. She is a true people person as her language is very persuasive and assuring. With Saturn being exalted in Libra, this quality accentuates her diplomatic manner and desire to juggle everything so her world stays peaceful and balanced.

This position of Venus indicates a deeply ingrained need for relating where being in a union and partnership makes her thrive and feel alive.  

The greatest purpose and lesson

Maintaining harmony is her driving force and she will go to a great lengths to achieve that. She would chase that lofty ideal of perfect relationship, whenever she feels a glimpse of inner turmoil and dissatisfaction. That can make one of her scales to dip on either side and her world crumbles.

The greatest lesson for Venus in Libra is changing her belief that she needs to constantly accommodate others in order to maintain equilibrium. And as much that might look like that on the surface, that kind of peace comes with a price. Libra is known to be agreeable, fair and cooperative. But she’d be rather be silent and charm you with her adorable smile instead of to rock the boat. Hence, with time internal conflict and resentment start to accumulate.

For a truly satisfying and purposeful life, Libra needs to start embodying the qualities of her opposite sign - Aries. That she has the right to voice her opinions. That her needs matter. Only when she truly satisfies her needs, she has time and energy to devote to others. Venus in Libra must recognize that true peace and harmony comes only when all parts of herself are brought into alignment.

Venus in Libra in transit

One of the greatest barriers for a woman not to live from her source of feminine power is the belief that only by being a low-maintenance, people-pleaser who never addresses her own needs will bring her satisfying relationships and the validation she seeks. 

Not imposing her needs above others.

Not answering her desires from fear of being judged and criticized.

Always trying to be likable and accommodating.   


And thinking that only then she is deserving of the life she craves, that only then she will start living. This can only cause further resentment. In her highest vibration, Venus in Libra raises awareness that real peace comes from true and utter self-acceptance. The courage to look yourself in the eyes and face the world with all that you have the offer is the greatest gift and freedom you can ask for. She knows that by stopping judging, and criticizing herself, she will find what she’s been always looking for – her true beauty, mirrored in her honest desires and abundant gifts. There is no need for indecision. No more inner-wavering. She knows her true power comes from trusting herself and her intuition.

The greatest purpose and lesson

From this inner knowing comes the greatest realization – no matter what storm life throws at her, she is her safest harbor. Her greatest strength comes from acknowledging every part of herself and knowing how to bring them into alignment.

Above all, one of the most important lessons that Venus in Libra brings, for a woman to live from her feminine essence, is that she has to satisfy her own needs first. She cannot pour from an empty cup. She is aware of how to cultivate healthy boundaries as they serve as an invitation to those who match her energy and intentions.

Just like the sea foam is buoyant and ethereal, Venus in Libra recognizes that the deepest contentment is found in the lightness of being. That lightness weaves a healthy foundation for every relationship she steps into.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty is an artist at heart and life is her canvas. With her thoughts, feelings, and actions she can build entire Empires, connect unbridgeable worlds, and reconcile the opposites. This is the potential to design your life how you truly want, following your own rules and strategy. This is an invitation to stop acting small, to stop waiting, and to start choosing yourself. Here and now. Allow your beauty and brilliance that is deeply embedded in your delicate feminine being to freely radiate and shine upon others.

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