Capricorn woman


Carved in timelessness, her enchanting elegance and disarming charm will leave an eternal mark on your heart.

The staircase to her heaven is made of discipline, structure, and pure dedication. Like a real steadfast goat, there is no mountain she can’t conquer. She knows that the most breathtaking view comes with the moment when you reach your zenith of success.

She is your landing hand and support as you pave your path through the jungle of life. Her demeanor inspires trust and security. And she will pluck any uncertainty from your mind for she is reliable, punctual and responsible. Poised with class and style, Capricorn woman knows exactly what she wants and she doesn’t recognize obstacles. These are for the mere amusing distractions that she easily sweeps of her way with her determination and cleverness.

And below the deceiving icy shield, hides a raging volcano, a driving force fueling her desire to fulfill her purpose. Determination and persistence are the backbone of her Universe. When others shrink back, she moves forward. Her generous laughter writes pages of history as she looks at you with the eyes of the newborn stars. Equally, ambition, relentless focus, and a practical way of life are her secrets to satisfying life.  Spend an hour with her and she will flood you with the enormous wisdom as you with owe and utter fascination absorb every word from this old soul. Capricorn woman is the epitome of the Goddess fully embodied in her resilience and untamed nature, radiating beautiful unforgettable and magnificent energy.

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