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In what formats do you offer digital products?

Our digital products are in PDF format for a direct download and can be read on the most devices. Keep in mind that kindle reader and other specific readers require special format and they may not support PDF format. We do not offer any other formats but PDF.

When will I receive my report?

All reports are developed and delivered, usually within the 48-72 hours or order placement (if not otherwise stated in the product description). It is important to supply complete and accurate information in order for the report precise and informative.

If data is missing or unclear, we will send you email  requesting the missing information. Please read the Data Entry information on the report page on entering the data in the right format.

If information is incomplete, please allow 24 hours from the time we receive the full information.

Reports are sent via email or with a link for a download, in the digital format. not snail mail. Reports are in PDF format and in order to able to read the report you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, that you can download free of charge at http://www.adobe.com. The email address you register during your order is the email address we use to send you your report. If you would like the report to be send to a different email address, state that clearly in the note field section that appears during the payment process.

72 hours have passed and I still haven’t received my report?

If that is the case, please send your inquiry to info@wildmoonhuntress.com so we can solve the issue. Also, check your spam folder as well. If some crucial entry data are missing and we are not able to deliver your report, we will contact you through email for further clarification.

What payments options are available?

Our store allows using PayPal and Stripe as payments method. This enables fast, secure and safe payments for our customers using their credit or debit card. This also means that we don’t collect or store any of the information operated by payment providers.

What house system is used for reports?

The house system used is Placidus.

What data I need to provide?

In order to avoid confusion, please double check the information you enter for your order. Generally, the following information is requested for a report, and in the case of a compatibility report, the following information is requested for the two people involved:

Name, Birth Day, Birth Time, Birth Place (City, state/country).

For some reports, the current place of residence is also requested. The city and state/country should be provided. We request a name in order to label the report. In some cases, the name is used within the body of the report.

What if the birth time is unknown?

The time in the birth time field is used to calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. If the birth time is unknown, please select the option ‘unknown’ from the menu. In that case, the report will be calculated for the noon as the birth time, but keep in mind that this makes the report less accurate as the positions of the houses, ascendant and planets are determined by this information.

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