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Unlock your Feminine power with your natal chart

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

Feminine power is something you can always tap into and your astrology chart can show you how.

Astrology helps us reconnect with nature and discover who we truly are. It is this divine guidance through the mystics of life that we get a greater understanding of the natural cycles. This beautiful language of the stars helps us recognize and understand the way Universe communicates with us and how everything is connected.

In this realm, your natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens in a particular moment of time and place when you were born. And once you get acquainted with the wealth of information it provides, you become consciously aware of all the power that has been given to your disposal. It is a beautiful process where you are becoming an observer of your life, you foster compassion instead of judgment toward yourself and others. You are learning to love every piece of yourself, unconditionally.

As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of different life experiences. You are inclined to take on many roles that can both enhance or degrade your overall feeling of contentment with yourself and your life. But each woman has a few roles that she naturally embodies, bringing more flow and easiness to her life. These are the moments when a woman truly blossoms with her feminine power.

Allow your inner Goddess to shine

When you try to suppress your inherent inner Goddess and instead attempt to play a role that doesn’t come naturally to you, you feel disempowered, drained, and out of touch with your feminine needs. Deep inside of you, there is a true Divine Goddess to be discovered and nurtured. She is like a diamond yearning to be revealed and to shine into the world. And your natal chart is like a treasure map, guiding us towards your true essence and feminine power. It provides the framework to help you define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level.

An abundant and thriving life is always expressed through the highest potential of your feminine creativity – and is just waiting to be awakened and unleashed.

The road to that successful career, fulfilling relations, or whatever you desire is within your reach –  driven by the feminine power within you.

Inherent sources of your feminine power

To have a greater picture of your feminine driving force we must look at your birth chart as a whole. Yet, there are some celestial bodies that have a greater impact on how you express and use this divine energy within you.


You probably already know your Sun sign. But the Zodiac sign where your natal Sun falls is just one aspect of your personality. To really understand the full story of your life we must also look at other planets, their positions, and interconnectedness in your natal chart. And the primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus. The Moon portrays the energy of your subconscious self and tells the story of how you nurture yourself and others. What do you need to feel secure and comfortable? What type of support do you need and on the other hand, what type of support you can provide to others? This is an intuitive part of yourself that connects you with the most secluded parts of yourself and reveals your most intimate needs and desires.

The Moon in your natal chart also gives insights about your mother and how you see her through your own emotional makeup. Once you learn to embody the highest vibration of your natal Moon, you will know how effectively to take care of yourself and others. But most importantly how to navigate your emotional world.

Why is this important?

Because feeling our emotions takes courage. It also takes patience, compassion, and understanding. You can not force your emotions to reveal themselves and you can not force them to change. You can, though, open yourself up to feeling them, learning from them, and reflecting upon them.

That will also pose some questions that you need to ask yourself. What is fulfilling to you? How can you bring more ease and flow to life? What does it mean to you to surrender and to be open to receive? How can you connect with your intuition? All this information is given in your birth chart through the position of your natal Moon in the sign and house she occupies.

Intuition – your superpower

The Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer. She teaches us, on a deep body and spirit level, about what cyclical time is and what our connection to nature and the natural cycles means. The Moon increases your receptivity, which is a crucial component of your intuitive process. The intuitive awareness she brings is multifaceted. As a woman, learning to use your intuition is key to your feminine power. It can help you when you’re dealing with emotional and psychological issues. You can apply it to your creative expression, and you can take advantage of your intuition in your work as part of your decision-making. Developing your intuition is like a muscle that you need to train in order to get stronger. You have to concentrate some time, effort, and energy in order to finely hone this element of your psyche.


Venus is also one of the inner, fast-moving, personal planets that represent and reflect our embodiment of certain areas of our lives. As the natural ruler of the sign Taurus and Libra, Venus teaches us what true love is. She helps us define what we are searching for in relationships. The sensual side of your physical reality and how you connect with nature and all that feeds your soul is given through the Venus in your natal chart. The “lesser benefic” connect us with brings us joy and pleasure.

What do we value the most? What do we need to feel secure within ourselves? Venus represents the essence of beauty in our lives and feelings of personal worth. Through your natal Venus, you learn how to attract all forms of abundance, what you are excited about, and what your heart is drawn to in this life. Venusian energy is part of your connection to other women. The placement of Venus in your chart can tell you a lot about your openness and acceptance of your own feminine power. Although your Moon may indicate your deepest emotional needs, the manner by which you express your feelings is frequently through the Venus energy.


But besides Venus and Moon, Neptune and Pluto are also significant in your experience and expression of your feminine power.

Often, Neptune is seen as a higher octave of Venus.  Venusian energy radiates deep from your heart. Love is a magnificent, internal experience. But as you grow and learn to own this energy, you more appreciate your own value as a woman. The free flow of love energy through your love becomes easy. You are becoming a vessel for divine, compassionate love, which is portrayed by Neptune. You stop judging and criticizing. There is inevitable essence of unconditional acceptance of yourself and others.

This is the moment when we are stepping beyond the physical senses. You can tap into this part of yourself when you meditate or when you give in to your creative muse. You know that all that you need is to surrender in order to receive.


Pluto is often not seen as a reflection of our feminine power but it does represent the primordial essence. It is from this level that all transformation occurs: birth, death, and healing. This is the space of all creation and all power. Pluto offers us the opportunity to face our deepest shadows, accept them, and grow with them instead of away from them. This courage to look deep within every facet of our life is how we build our own power. Pluto is the natural ruler of the sign Scorpio, which is asking us to feel within the recesses of our soul and to anchor in the present moment. We are learning manage our energetic resources like time for transformation, space to feel, and courage to travel inward. This is a cosmic dance where we are reminded to align with the rhythms of the universe.

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