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Divine Feminine: what is it?

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

Divine Feminine energy is there: within you. Within all of us.

But many of us, especially women have lost the touch with this life-affirming potential. With this post, I want to remind you of your innate Divine Feminine power and how to awaken it.

What is Divine Feminine energy?

Divine Feminine embodies qualities like nurturance, care, creativity, and intuition. She comprises beauty, sensuality, compassion, and empathy. Inspiration, peace, harmony, healing, and intuition are her main attributes that help us recognize this energy within.

She is abundant, confident – ready to live life on her own terms. She is able to give and receive, attract and release. You can’t touch it, see it or hear it. But you can feel it. With all your heart and soul.

The Divine Feminine within you is untamed, wild, and free of any social constructs that had been put upon her. She knows her truth and is not afraid to speak it openly. In the same fashion, she is able to accept her imperfections and embraces her authenticity, fully without judgment or complaint.

Divine Feminine energy is a potential within you to honor and respect as it helps you break through the walls of boundaries that society built around your soul.

As a woman, this is your true nature and power. And even if you can’t fathom this energy within you, she is still there – patiently waiting for you to embrace it.

How do you tap into this internal wisdom?

Divine Feminine energy is a sacred universal frequency, a vibration of the creative force in our spiritual and physical experience.

Although, there is a temptation to think just because you are a woman you are in touch with your feminine self, in reality, is often much different. We must recognize that in the current worldly affairs the true power of feminine energy has been lost, neglected and repressed. Many women struggle to become aware of this part of themselves. Awakening this power is an intimate journey for each woman. In addition, learning to use feminine energy constructively on a collective level is another challenge for today’s women. This process fosters self-healing and provides the essence of your personal security.

You are confident and courageous to step out of your comfort zone, challenge the status quo and bring desired changes to your life. You awaken your untamed spirit and nothing is more important than to be true to yourself – to be honest to that inner calling and respond to that where life invites you.

This outstanding power is your invitation to become the heroine of your own life and stop seeking validation from others.

In addition, you attune easily to the earth and, to cycles of the Universe and the transience of the seasons. You know that your vulnerability and softness are not your weakness but your superpower. These qualities come naturally to you and you know how to nurture these qualities. Embracing your Divine Feminine power is a constant process of learning to find strength. This power fuels your strength and decisiveness you’ve never known existed before. You are able to bravely look into the future without fear. Your passion burns brighter than ever fear you might felt before. And this power comes with a strong will, dignity, and certainty in your choices – there is no looking back.

As it might feel uncomfortable, it will challenge your idea of what it means to be empowered. We are so accustomed in our modern life to valuing logical thinking over intuition. We are on a constant treadmill of doing think instead of being receptive and nurturing. But if we more closely look at what we are missing in our lives – intimacy, deep connection, purpose, impact, bringing value, and creativity – these are traits that come from the Divine Feminine. In order to build and bring in these elements, we need a new system of beliefs and structure. And this comes from the source of Divine Feminine energy.

Instead of purely reacting to your life circumstances you are able to pause and feel. To connect with your core and from that grounding place to feel yourself, your intuition is whispering to you. And this inner knowing this internal compass is guiding you to the next step of your evolution.

Living your life from the source of your feminine power enables you to fully harness your gifts. You are able to build a life of purpose and meaning. You are not afraid to go after your dreams. On the contrary: with determination, confidence, and inner knowing you are stepping into the best version of yourself.

How astrology can help?

Above all, astrology is a beautiful tool, a language of the stars that can help us better understand and recognize this innate power.  These portals of ancient wisdom tell a remarkable story of your unique gifts and abilities. Your Divine Feminine power is like a diamond, buried deep inside of you, waiting to be found so it can cast a light across the whole world. And your birth chart is like a treasure map, leading us toward this hidden gem.

Through a professional reading of your birth chart, you can actually unlock your Divine Feminine power. This can help you bring more flow and ease into your life. and support you in a myriad of ways:

  • Knowing your strength which gives you deeper insights into your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life
  • Get clarity around your life purpose, natural gifts, and how that can be a driving force towards an amazing life
  • How to attract all forms of abundance
  • What is crucial for you to have fulfilling relationships.

All this is in detail you can find in your customized reading/written astrological report that you can order from our cosmic store.

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