Libra woman


Brought on the wings of fresh autumn breeze, like a gentle dove she forever flutters in your heart.

There is such elegance in her step, and sophistication in her movement, leaving everyone in awe when she enters the room. She holds the grace of an Empress that even Deities bow in her presence. She is the peace-maker and true-seeker anchored in her eternal need to bring balance wherever she turns.

With a special gift for aesthetics, her life is a canvas she paints with carefully chosen words and actions. She is the blue cloud after a heavy storm, like a gleaming rainbow adorns every color of your life. Charming and good-humored, Libra woman makes everyone feel welcomed and accepted, while her presence is alluring and kind. In contrast what many believe, she unconditionally gives you her soul, without weighing what she gets in return.

A romantic at heart, she values partnerships the most, craving to step into eternal union with her other half. With her undeniable sense for justice and diplomacy, her gentle hands connect unbridgeable worlds while reconciling unthinkable. She is the missing puzzle that brings everything into alignment and harmony. Admittedly, she shows you what true lightness of being and joy of existence are. Libra woman is the epitome of the Goddess embodied in her magnetic and affectionate nature radiating gregarious and harmonizing energy.

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