Aquarius woman


Adorned by the sparks of the most distant galaxies, she is the brightest star forever shining in your heart.

You cannot tame her. She is here to live out loud her magnificent, most authentic self. She is the taste of freedom. When you can openly stretch your arms,  inhaling in your lungs the wildest winds and you are lighter than a feather. You fly.  Unshackled.  Freed of every wall imprisoning your spirit, every word that told you what you can or cannot be. She is the friend who will teach you how to unlock your weirdest, most quirkiest side, your inner rebel so you know how truly limitless you are.

Aquarius woman fully embraces her bigger purpose. All you need is to close your eyes and you are transferred into another world. One that she envisions is a better one. A safer one. She is the tailor of the future she stitches with her ingenious mind, gleaming brilliance, and innovative ideas.

Her love is ever-consuming, electrifying, just like a thunderbolt striking directly into your heart, leaving you breathless and craving for more. Her contagious laughter echoes like the sweetest symphony as she gives you her soul in an open palm. She is ever-present like air, yet never able to catch. Aquarius woman is the epitome of the Goddess embodied in her unique and independent nature, radiating optimistic and liberating energy.

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