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Goddess rituals to nurture your Feminine power

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

Goddess rituals to have in your spiritual practice are exactly what you need to help you nurture your Divine Feminine power. Why?

As a women, we have been thought for many years to lead a life that is driven by masculine qualities. There is a constant pressure to be and act masculine in order to find success and fulfilment. In other words, losing touch with our feminine side can leave us feeling drained, frustrated, anxious and discontent. Embracing your Goddess within helps you get your power back by bringing balance between our feminine and masculine energies. It is about acknowledging the range of energies and vibrations that are at your disposals. It is about cultivating a fluidity to use each energy when needed.

Divine Feminine energy is soft, nurturing, receptive, creative and intuitive. It is deeply rooted in the need to establish boundaries so creative pursuits can fluorish. On the other hand, Divine masculine is action oriented, assertive, rational and decisive with ingrained need to protect and build.

Cultivating a mindful morning goddess ritual is practice to help you ground and connect with your intuition. This might include anything that you find beneficial to help you become more receptive. Allow it to develop and evolve with time as you progress with your practice.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Daily Goddess rituals

Cultivate a sacred space

Having your little corner, a calm place where you can retreat and be with yourself is so important! It doesn’t have to be anything special. Perhaps a little side table where you can create an altar, or just to light a candle can be enough to help you relax and have those few minutes in the morning for yourself. Experiment with your Goddess rituals and find what works for you and allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Breathwork and meditation

Take a moment in the morning where you can through meditation and breathwork enter that receptive state. It will help you recognize the universal wisdom of the nature and to hear what your heart is telling you. I believe this is crucial step in cultivating our innate feminine energy and learning to act from this soft and surrender way of being. Being open to receiving more. Feminine energy has the power to receive, amplify and give back, so allow this for yourself.

This practice refines your emotional intelligence helping you to use your feelings as navigating system. You can hone your emotions to empower you instead of allowing them to rule you.

If you are new to meditation and breathwork start small. No more than 5 minutes. This practices is like a muscle that you can train and over time as you are more comfortable prolong  it according to you needs. It can do so much for your emotional stability and overall happiness.

Set clear intention for the day

This contemplative state is also very beneficial for setting a clear intention for the day. You have  clear vision of your day, while being actively engaged with what is aligned with your highest self. Journaling can be a beautiful way to help you in this process.

Nourishing your body

Taking care of your physical body through mindful movement and nourishing food is so essential part of your Goddess rituals! How you feel in your own skin determines the amount of energy you have for all the things you want to do. One of the best ways to assure this is to incorporating more living, vibrant foods into you meals that are full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Food is not only fuel for your body, but also allows free flow or creative energy through you, so you can better connect with your intuition.

Get creative

Divine feminine energy is a creative and life-affirming force that can be nurtured and expressed in many different ways. Dance, writing, singing, painting or brainstorming new ideas. This all helps you connect with your most authentic self and the free flow of energy leads to inviting new opportunities and circumstances to enter your life.

Self-care routine

Your body is a temple and should be treated as such. In your daily rituals include practices that feel good and pleasurable. That can be a morning self-massage, yoga or low-impact training Do things that feel good physically. Take a nourishing bath after the long day. Or if your don’t have time a quick shower will do the trick. It will help you flush all the stale energy out of you and purify you so you can restore your energy. Alongside this, allow time for pampering. Make sure you also hydrate yourself in the morning and during the day.

In astrology we know that all bodily fluids are ruled by the moon and the more we allow ourselves to keep our body fresh and hydrated the less stagnate energy and emotions we have. And suggested practices here are purifying and rejuvenating. You remove the layers of all that you need to release and let go, so you can have  a more enliven experience of the true essence of yourself.

Devoting time for yourself and these little routines in your day can be so beneficial, because we tend to attract in our lives the things that are vibrating the same frequency. This is how we learn to surrender and go with the flow instead of “pedaling against the stream”. As you are deepening your practice you might start meeting other women who are in the same path, who are true, living example of living the life fully from feminine creative source. When this energy and creative force comes from the heart we are able to walk this path where we are in balance and easily synced with the universal rhythms of nature.

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