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4 ways to let go of energy blocks and tap into your feminine flow

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Feminine flow becomes your natural state of being once you release resistance.

What blocks the feminine flow

Do you ever feel like you are going through motions in your life, feeling stuck without any power to make a desired shift? A feeling that life is just passing by, where even months and years can be spent in you trying without success to change something?

The truth is, many women fall into this monotony, where they accept their current circumstances as a life sentence. They bottle down their desires and feelings, trying to numb themselves by overworking or indulging in a myriad of ways, just to prevent themselves from feeling anything. They wrap themselves in fear and anxiety like a safety blanket, instead of allowing their being to find its natural state – the feminine flow of energy.

Usually below the layers of these predicaments is the inability to let go. To let go of pain, guilt, and past. To let go of what and who we used to be. We get so accustomed to these inner ruminations, that we forget to step into the world and actively participate in life around us. Essentially, we forget to live.

I often see living in the past as heavy shackles that just weighs us down, preventing us to move forward. Looking constantly in the past prevents us from seeing what is in front of us. It robes of our present moment and steel opportunities of the future.

When we are not able to let go, when we are attached to our outdated beliefs, ways of being, and thinking patterns is the moment when we freeze ourselves in one place. It is difficult to hear our intuition and feel the softness and unbound power of the feminine flow of energy. We keep ourselves stuck in futile hope that something will change, that someone out there is going to erase the hurt, the pain for us, but healing and the decision to move on, is our decision. It is an inside job, that no one can do for us.

Let go to allow the lightness of being

Letting go is like releasing the heavy sandbags from an air-hot balloon. Having them on keeps the balloon in one place, but just as you begin to drop bags one by one, the balloon begins to lift and fly. And so is in the real life. The more you let go, the lighter you become. The more you can fly and experience the world from unimaginable heights. And enjoy the most magnificent view.

When the woman struggles to let go, it forms a kind of energy block. It dampens her creative feminine flow. Being attached to which doesn’t serve her anymore, is making her constrict and feel like the world is closing up on her. In these moments, she is like a trapped animal,  where she might trash against the walls until she gets tired, exhausted, and depleted. Until she competently gives up on herself.

For a woman to fully connect with her feminine flow and power, she must have the ability to expand. To feel she can spread her wings in the air and soar. She must feel safe and secure enough she can expand in her potential and allow her creative life force to freely pulsate within her. Only than she can tap into her most authentic and magnetizing self-expression.

Letting go allows you to cultivate a spaciousness so you can feel yourself on every possible level. To hear your intuition. To receive guidance from your internal compass and gather the energy for the shift you want to make. In letting go, you are telling the Universe you are ready for more. You are ready to receive all the good life has to offer you. You are becoming an irresistible magnet so the Universe can deliver you exactly what you need.

4 ways to release energy blocks and tap into feminine flow

Allow healing and forgiveness

Sometimes we so frantically live in this cycle of blame, regret, and bitterness, that we completely close the door to any other feeling. Any other experience. But by allowing ourselves to feel and let these emotions to freely flow through us, we initiate healing. We invite light where previously we have been stuck in darkness.

Now, no one says that healing and forgiveness are easy. But, every time you relive a traumatic experience from the past, opens the wound. Especially if you hold a grudge toward other people. Raising awareness and understanding that holding difficult feelings toward ourselves and others is just like a poison arrow we stab into our heart, over and over, is how we initiate healing.  We start to open the gates to the unrestricted feminine flow of energy.

Because healing and forgiveness require only one person.

If we wait for another person to change, apologize, and acknowledge our suffering in any way, it is placing our power into their hands. Healing and forgiveness is an inside work. Work you do for yourself. For your well-being.

Cultivate gratitude

Appreciation is one of the emotions that instantly lifts you up and helps you step into your goddess frequency. Being grateful for this very moment, for what you have, what you are is how you anchor yourself for more. It is how you embody the magnetizing power of your feminine flow of energy.

Gratitude is the way of telling the Universe you are ready to receive. No matter how difficult it is on the surface, being grateful for all those versions of yourself that held you and helped you to come to this very moment is just showing you how capable you already are. This brings you to the present moment, to enjoy your now and here. Because the past is already gone. And the future is too elusive. In this moment, seize your power so every choice and decision you make can shift your life in any direction you want. Start choosing yourself, by deciding not to spill your energy on what you cannot control.

Unlearning and unconditioning

Human beings are creatures of habit. We become accustomed to certain ways of being, through our conditioning and upbringing that we rarely question these beliefs and behaviors. One of my gratifying ways of letting go is to question myself: Is what I’m told true? Are these thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs serving me any good? Once we raise this awareness, and consciously start to peel off what society told us we should be and do, is the moment we break the collective spell. It is the moment when a woman, especially in our deeply engraved patriarchal society starts to unravel her true authentic nature and realizes the potential of her feminine flow of power. 

When you allow your curiosity to search for deeper meaning and truth, you create other possibilities for yourself. You allow a shift in perspective that opens the doors to new opportunities. And suddenly you realize you are stepping into the next version of yourself and letting go of old ways of being.

Surrender to the present moment

Have you ever felt like you want things to go a certain way and you get completely invested with your time, energy, and resources, just to feel you are always in this space of tug-of-war? When you feel there is a sort of resistance, an invisible wall or force that simply won’t budge? But still, despite the drawback you are not ready to let go and have the things not go YOUR way?

This is the moment to simply pause and ground yourself in stillness. In this calm state we allow our intuition to rise and help us find our feminine flow again. It is a guidance to point us towards a way where we don’t have to feel like we are constantly peddling against the stream. But safely float across the water, confident and trusting we either way will reach our desired destination. 

My stubborn Capricorn Sun and Venus in Scorpio know how hard this can be. In the instant gratifying society we live, we want everything here and now. Surrendering to the moment and finding the inner alignment with our current life circumstances is what allows an interrupted flow of our creative energy.

We don’t have to know all the steps on the journey we are on. But with enough faith in releasing resistance and the desire to control every aspect of our lives – even those we can’t, we open ourselves to different opportunities. Life starts to bloom in unexpected ways.

When we surrender, it doesn’t mean we surrender our power. It doesn’t mean we renounce our choices. It is a deliberate conscious decision, that instead of staying attached in our rigid ways, we accept what is and that creates a capacity for us to co-create with the Universe.  This allows an expansion of radiant love, compassion, creation and manifestation, where our masculine energy serves as a container for our feminine essence to freely flow and flourish.

And if you reading this post, KNOW in your body that your feminine energy is blocked, but none of these "how" are helping you to fully understand WHY and what's driving it, it is time for a deeper look.  So let's untangle that together! Schedule your astrology consultation today.

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