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5 pillars of feminine mindset mastery and new paradigm of success

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

Feminine mindset mastery allows you not only to take your power and energy back but your whole life.

You are here because you know there is more for you. Another level of success, fulfilment, achievement, service to others.

And you might be wondering: how do I become that woman who is on fire, who unapologetically speaks and stands in her truth? What's her secret?

The truth is there is no secret. It is all about embracing our innate feminine nature that is rooted in the feminine mindset. It is something that is already within you.


In our masculine-driven society, where the paradigm of achievement and success is related only to how much we can DO, there is little space for a woman left to truly thrive in her feminine power. As women, we are so accustomed to this hustle mentality that our sense of worth is completely distorted.

When we operate from this mode that only through external societal conditioning of validation and approval we can accept and love ourselves, we are leaving ourselves empty, dissatisfied and resentful in the process.

True, you might accomplish a lot of goals, but you inevitably get stuck in the cycle where you chase the next aim, without realizing how easily you slip into exhaustion and burnout.

And what happens?

You become disconnected from your needs. You have no time for self-care and somewhere in between when life starts to feel like a sacrifice, after sacrifice you are empty, without energy where you forget what it means to be you.

Leaving the masculine model of success and adopting feminine mindset

This patriarchal model of success had forced women to build a masculine shield around their hearts where they completely shut down their emotions. Because in a culture of “doing” and getting ahead, it has become unsafe to feel and show your emotions. Vulnerability is seen as a weakness and a drawback.

It may feel “easier” to be hard, push yourself while living behind your wounded masculine shield… but the truth is, this only shuts you down from receiving the love and pleasure of life which you so deserve. In a new, rising paradigm where the woman is celebrated for who she is, where rules of success and achievement support the innate nature of women, the masculine shield becomes a heavy armor you don’t need to carry any more.

And here I want to gently offer you a different view of success. And that is by following your own rhythms, through listening to your body and intuition, you can achieve and create more – without the burnout, without frying your nervous system where all you know is living in survival mode.

A model of success through feminine mindset honors a woman for who she is.  Woman who is connected to her heart and womb, the seat of her creative power. A woman who flows with her cyclical nature.

The masculine paradigm of success views getting ahead as a linear process – where you work only by working very hard – you can achieve anything. In our modern society that has created generation of unhappy, dissatisfied, exhausted women disconnected from their true nature.

By adopting feminine mindset – you look and strive for success in different ways. By making substantial energetic shifts in your life, instead of being depleted and tired all the time, your natural creative life force joined with your intuition leads you on the right path.

5 pillars of feminine mindset mastery

Your intuition

As  a woman, your body is an oracle. This emotional, sensitive and intuitive part of you is part of your innate wisdom. It is your internal compass that can surpass analytical mind and “see” beyond what logic can conceive.

Your cyclical nature

You don’t have to always “do”. By embracing your cyclical nature, the natural ebb's and flows of your creative life force, you release resistance. When you surrender to the natural rhythm of your feminine nature, life becomes easier, more meaningful and joyous.

Personal magnetism

You don’t have to chase your desires. You are a portal of creation, where you lead from an open heart  through magnetism. As a woman, you are able to attract exactly what you need in diving timing.

You take an inspired action

Being attuned to your body and intuition can guide you to instead of forced action, usually driven by your Ego, to take inspired action from the inner knowing that recognizes what is best for you. It saves you the time you spend spiraling and digging out of the burn-out. You are not overextending yourself any more. You maintain a grounded calm confidence, and start living your life with strong and healthy boundaries that honor you. No more second- guessing and doubting yourself.

You are no more standing in your own way.


As an enchantress, you are the fertile soil from everything you desire in life, springs and grows. You are the one who nurtures your vision and dreams into manifestation, by nurturing your energy and practicing self-care. A woman who is not empty but radiates with life can achieve anything.  

5 pillars how to achieve feminine mindset  mastery.

Feminine mindset through the lens of your birth chart

And your birth chart holds the answers how to develop and adopt your unique feminine mindset. When you embody the highest vibration of your inner Venus you embody your unique beauty, radiance, magnetism and elixir of love. 

While your natal Moon will teach you how align with your cyclical nature and develop this intuitive part of yourself. You will learn to source your inner safety, instead trying to hide behind the masculine shield. You become so comfortable and confident as a woman in who you are, that you are releasing the need to force things – but rather you effortlessly flow through guidance of your intuition.

Simultaneously, working with your inner Mars and Sun as primary masculine energies in your chart, you create this safe container for your both Venus and Moon. You are putting them into service of your inner feminine to give her support and devotion.

You become a woman who knows her worth, who is magnetic and cemented in who she is. 

This sets you FREE.

This allows you to become an embodied version of yourself that is majestic in her feminine success. 

It is time to initiate a deep alchemy toward feminine mindset that allows you to instead survive to truly thrive in your life.

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