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Venus: how to claim your feminine self-worth

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

The power of your feminine energy is deeply rooted in your embodied self-worth.

Self-worth is the foundation on which we build our world and life. How much we value ourselves is directly reciprocated in the quality of our emotions, relationships, well-being, and growth. Our self-worth determines our ability to attract and receive our desires and all forms of abundance.

Your feminine self-worth

But there is the false notion that our value can be defined only by our status, bank account, or the car we drive. These are all societal norms often put upon women, seen through the lens of masculine ways of doing and achieving.

Masculine energy is what gives us drive and fuels our inner fire for more, for achieving, and for heading in life. But without having feminine energy to counter it, we easily slip into burnout, becoming exhausted, irritated, and resentful.

Especially if we carry a lot of wounded masculine within us, we may never feel good enough. Self-sabotaging, people-pleasing and perfectionism become our way of life, crushing our feeling of self-worth.

We need to learn this delicate dance between masculine and feminine because through this balance we become more confident as a woman and release behaviors of low self-esteem.

Your feminine energy is what allows you to rest in your being and just be. There is nothing for you to do. The essence of the feminine power is to attract and receive. And there is nothing you “should do” or “become” in order to be worthy of it.

Feminine energy teaches us to reconnect with our body and our senses. To feel the fullness of our beingness. That means loving and accepting all parts of ourselves. Self-acceptance is the key to self-love and this is how you increase your self-worth.

Your feminine supports you to recharge and feel yourself at your best. It is your guiding system to fully accept and love yourself just as you are. There is nothing to add, nothing to subtract.

The more you trust yourself, without judgment, without criticism and self-doubt, the more you are tapping into the aliveness of your creative life force.

Your self-worth is your birthright. You don’t have to earn it.

How to embody your self-worth

Astrology as the wonderful language of the stars, provides valuable insights on your strengths, challenges, and potential for growth. And most importantly how certain heavenly placements in your birth chart impact your values and sense of worth. Furthermore, your birth chart can be your powerful guide on your journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

The predominant aspects that we tell us about our self-worth and what we value in life are the second house, ruler of the second house and the state of our natal Venus.

Venus in your natal chart

Venus, the planet of love and beauty rules in our natal chart our perception of beauty, love, and attraction. How do we seek security and comfort. She also helps us define what kind of relationships we are mostly drawn to. But most importantly, she teaches us how to embody our self-worth at our core and what are our true values. Venus fosters this connection we have to the outer world through our senses, helping us receive and appreciate beauty in every possible way. What gives us pleasure, and how we find inner peace and balance in our lives we can also discover from Venus in our natal chart. And Venus is also there to remind us that self-love and self-acceptance is the foundation for every relationship in our life.

All together, Venus with her placement and interaction with other planets in the natal chart offers insights into how you express and receive love. She is your guiding star to self-care routines that make you feel beautiful and worthy.

Also embracing the highest vibration of our natal Venus, we are stepping into the frequency where we become effortlessly magnetic to all the good life has to offer us.

Venus in Leo will naturally have different demeanor than Venus in Aquarius, for example.

Venus in Leo through her authenticity, creativity, passion, and warmheartedness is how she draws joy and contentment from the world.

Aquarius Venus requires a sense of freedom and independence in relationships. If she in any way feels tied down, that diminishes her lively spirit. She needs space to express herself freely, without judgment, often against the norms and expectations.

Venus in Cancer on the other hand through being caring and nurturing attracts all that she desires.

Often we can find some additional aspects to other planets that we may carry a lot of wounded masculine energy that decrease our sense of self-worth. It can also manifest as a father wound. These aspects can tell in which ways we tend to strive for external things we can do to make ourselves more acceptable and deserving.

The interesting part here is that also these aspects hold the key to our healing. It can help us navigate the steps to accept and work with our shadow self.

Once we openly tap into our feminine energy, we are ready to become vulnerable with those shadow aspects of ourselves too, and loving those parts of us back to wholeness.

This means fully accepting yourself. And it is the first step to truly embodying your self-worth.

If you are ready to take your life to another level and finally become a magnetic woman with the unshakable foundation of self-worth who doesn’t settle any more in her life, I invite you to take the next step and explore opportunities to work directly with me in my 1-to-1 coaching containers.

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