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5 ways to master the Feminine Art of receiving

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Receiving is the essence of the feminine energy.

Mastering the feminine art of receiving is like having an additional tool, a skill that enables women to cultivate connection, safety, and a positive outlook on life. But in our modern-day society, many women find it difficult to tune into this part of themselves. There is this wounded little girl, that believes she is not good enough. That she is not worthy of all the good things she desires.

She believes she must seek permission and prove herself by always doing, giving, and serving.

But where does that leave time and space for her?

Because all this doing and giving just pushes her more and more into her masculine mode of being. All that it does is build another layer, another shield that prevents her from fully feeling and knowing herself.

Who she is and what she wants in her life.

How masculine energy impacts your ability to receive

Being so deeply ingrained in her masculine energy makes a woman forget what it is like to receive. Being that a simple thing like a compliment or praise to a real support. She wears her burnout like a badge of honor, thinking this is the way she will prove her worth.

It may feel “easier” to live behind this wall, a wounded masculine shield… but the truth is, this only shuts her down from receiving, the love, pleasure, and abundance of life she so much deserves.

The path of mastering the feminine art of receiving is in learning that vulnerability is a gift to the world. And it takes a lot of strength and courage to feel so deeply.

Because it is okay to hurt. To feel rage and anger. 

But in a culture of “do, do, do” and getting ahead, this becomes unsafe. Maybe it is time to stop pretending we don’t feel. This masculine shield has become heavy armour – the weight and burden of having to protect yourself from pain and vulnerability.

Yes, for every woman is essential to have healthy masculine energy because it serves as a conduit and container for her desires to be acquired. The elemental purpose of the masculine is to give and provide. This is your inner king, supporting your inner queen.

This is a fluid dance and exchange of energies that we can learn how to tap into in a healthy and supportive way for our being. But overprotecting yourself not only prevents you from feeling but also puts you in this overdrive where you block and close yourself from receiving anything in your life. And just fuels this belief that you need to work harder and harder to prove yourself you are worthy and deserving.

Master the feminine art of receiving

Feel into your self-worth

And sometimes this is the most difficult part. The understanding that your self-worth has nothing to do with your achievements, your beauty, or your bank account. No matter the societal pressure or any other external validation – it shouldn’t interfere with your sense of worth. You are worthy by just being you.

It is the energetic state and vibration you need to embody at the core of your being.

We may also be more accustomed to give than receive. And there is nothing wrong with giving. Cultivating a meaningful balance between giving and receiving ensures a fluid exchange of energy. The problem arises when we feel guilt and discomfort while receiving. Women learn from society to become selfless, having so many roles in their lives that they give themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally which lives them empty and depleted. When they constantly give, it makes them feel unworthy of receiving. But the truth is, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

As a woman, you must learn to keep yourself full (in every sense) and taken care of, before you devote yourself to others.

According to the feminine art of receiving, you are worthy and deserve all the love, care and abundance. And receiving is not equal to owning anything to anyone. Because the Universe in its miraculous ways maintains this balance. Not everything can be measured in black and white.

Eliminate blocks

The feminine energy is the energy of being – not doing. It is embracing the natural flow of your cyclical nature, emotions, and intuition to guide you.  When you allow yourself to just be in the moment, without trying to prove your worth by overworking yourself,  striving – you are making room for the masculine energy to serve you, support you, and nourish you.

But that also means we need to eliminate blocks on our subconscious level that prevent us from feeling worthy of receiving.

This is often represented as the core wounding that we can see through our natal moon, by sign, and the position in our natal chart. The Moon tells a story of our emotional well-being, our inner world, and of our own capability to receive everything we long for. When the Moon is in a challenging aspect with for example Mars, Saturn or Pluto, it can manifest as a sort of belief we adopted early in our childhood that we are not deserving or worthy of what we want. That we need to prove our worth. But also, the quality of the Moon holds the secret to our healing. Eliminating this block means knowing how to transmute these energies to work for us – not against us.

Practice being open to receiving

When you raise your awareness, you can start consciously practicing to being more open to receiving. Start small – from accepting compliments and how someone holds the door for you to having support in your business.

Yes, you can all do it yourself, but why should you? You don’t have to do everything just because you can. 

Next time someone does for you something nice, pause for a moment and feel this gesture deep in your heart. Feel their time, energy and effort they’ve invested. When we genuinely accept and appreciate the effort others have put in helping us or doing something nice for us, it is also the act of kindness on our side that raises their vibration, radiating the frequency of love and affection.

Recognize gifts in your everyday life through the practice of gratitude

Receiving can come in many different forms. Not only from a particular person – but you receive with your whole body. Connecting with our emotions through deep breathing and finding stillness within us, helps us hear our intuition. It helps us open our hearts and feel what we need at that exact moment. Because the universe always responds to our vibration and it is an endless supply of everything we need. And it is always there to give us.

So start using your senses to train yourself to receive: being the beauty of the mountain view, the calming sound of the rain or the music on your radio. The warmth of your bath, the softness of your pillow – each moment the life is giving you. You just need to recognize and accept all these abundant gifts that life is giving you at your disposal.

Consciously practicing gratitude is putting you in a state where you are attracting even more good in your life.

What you focus on, tends to expand. As you deliberately train yourself to seek good and beauty and receive with it appreciation, that goodness and beauty overflows in your life.

Lean into the flow of life

The more a woman is fused in her masculine energy, the greater her resistance will be to receiving. Once she fully embraces her cyclical nature and feels safe enough to simply surrender – it becomes easier to tune into the flow of life. Mastering the feminine art of receiving means following the natural ebbs and tides of energy, the waves of emotions that come and go. It is the nature of the feminine to rest in her own power and receive.

Mastering the feminine art of receiving means mastering the highest vibration of our natal moon. This enables us to fully tap into our feminine potential and fluidly adapt where to control and when to surrender. Intuitively we know we are ready to give only when we are fully sourced. We recognize it is okay to ask for support so we are not depleted and exhausted all the time. To have it all it doesn’t mean we have to do it all by ourselves.

We learn it is safe to feel all our emotions and vulnerability.  We don’t have to prove ourselves or seek permission and validation to justify all that we desire in life. Our worth is not determined by how much we do, give, perform, earn, etc. Our worth just is. It is given to us with our birthright.

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