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The Sun in your natal chart: how to heal the father wound

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The Sun in our birth chart represents the conscious part of ourselves that needs to be awakened.

We strive towards the light we carry within us, because it is the source of everything we can achieve. It is the point of our beingness, a point from all our life emanates.

The Sun is the natural ruler of the sign Leo. It is the most important and expressive part of our being (and natal chart). Further, the Sun describes our true nature and it gives the frame through which we need to self-actualize in our lifetime. It is the point of our creativity, and gives us guidance on how to become the true leaders in our lives.

The Sun is naturally exalted in the sign Aries. It essentially means that this is the channel through which our passions are creatively expressed into the world. It is our inner fire and temperament that lives inside of our emotional being.

The Sun in your natal chart

The Sun in your natal chart is part of your masculine energy that serves as a portal for your aligned actions to be expressed. It gives you direction and purpose. It gives you confidence and clarity of what you want and don’t want.

And without strongly embodied Sun energy, your feminine cannot have the security and safety she needs. This is the part of yourself that helps you hold on your boundaries, your self-worth and is not ready to settle for anything less than you deserve. This is the part of yourself that cheers you up, that gives you strength and gives you will to go after your desires.

Your Sun is your inner king the serves your feminine, your inner Queen. This is the part of yourself that allows your inner feminine to flow steady with feeling of protection, safety and purpose.

what your sun teaches you in your natal chart

To truly embody your natal Sun is to know who you are. And that is what makes you authentic and unstoppable. That is what makes you conscious of your abilities, your gifts and let you shine your inner brilliance out to the world.

But often, so many women swing between being too much in their masculine or never actually tapping into the potential of their natal Sun.

Feeling of exhaustion, burn out, “doing” all the time and being available to everyone 24/7 is not being in your healthy masculine. Criticizing yourself that what every you do is never enough is not being in your healthy masculine.

The misunderstood role of the Ego

It is the expression of your wounded masculine. Like a shield that many women build up so they protect themselves from truly feeling what they need to feel. It is your Ego, the controlling part of self that keeps your feminine hidden and unexpressed.

The Ego is the part of us that needs to be defined and validated by something. We can look at our Ego as an identity that has formed from conditioned patterns that we have adopted during our upbringing. It is part of us that separates us from others.

And your Ego can get in the way of expressing your true feminine potential. The ego’s fuel is fear. That fear can appear as a need for constant approval and permission of who we are at our core.

The healing of the father wound

In the natal chart we can see this as a father wound, because the Sun also represents your father. This often happens when the Sun in the birth chart is in a difficult aspect with other planets. Mostly planets like Saturn, Pluto, Mars or Neptune.

You can also recognize the father wound in your life if you feel like others don’t support you. It may show up as insecurity in your abilities and problems with authorities. Often, you my have trust issues with men and have difficulty making decisions. You may procrastinate on your projects or you overwork, not having time for yourself.

But also your natal chart holds a key to healing this part of yourself. To heal this ancient father wounding that may go generations and generations in your ancestral line. Your natal chart holds a secret of how to become the self-sorceress who is fully embodied in her feminine power. This is enabling your creative life force to beam with an unshakable self-worth, confidence and courage.

It is about learning not to take the external guidance, but from the divine wisdom that lives within you. The Ego’s role should be motivation and help us find our place in the world, but not to lead our life. For a woman to reconnect with her feminine essence is to learn how to express highest qualities of her natal Sun. That has to be in a way that the intuitive and emotional part of herself can guide her and allow her to be the best version of herself.

This is the process of unifying your inner king and your inner queen. It is a developing of a healthy masculine container, a home for your feminine energy to be embodied without fear of judgment. This is how your feminine energy flows in her most authentic and magnetizing expression.

And astrology is our beautiful healing tool and art that can show us the path of reclaiming our true selves. As women who are truly in charge of their lives.

Start today by scheduling your astrology consultation. I lead you on this magnificent path of transformation and taking your power back.

Maja, your astrologer

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