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Wounded masculine and becoming an empowered woman

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How wounded masculine impacts your life

In a world that taught you only to be tough, choosing softness is a radical act of brevity.

Wounded masculine energy in your life may express itself in many different ways. But foremost, is important to understand that in the fluid exchange and eternal union of the masculine and feminine energy resides the force responsible for all creation in the Universe. By marrying these energies in the sacred union and channeling the divine expression within yourself, you are becoming a conscious co-creator with the Universe. One cannot exist without the other – like night and day, above and below. The opposites are equal parts of wholeness and the Universe is comprised of this dual nature.  

The divine coupling of these energies presents itself mostly through archetypes of the Sun and Moon, and Mars and Venus pairing – just to name a few. Each one of these masculine and feminine energies has its divine or empowered expression and wounded or disempowered.

In today’s modern world which is shackled by the patriarchal way of doing and thinking, it has become very difficult for a woman to be a woman. It has become difficult for a woman to express her Goddess-given potential, to slow down, to breathe, and simply be. To connect with her body, with Mother Earth, and feel the magnificent capacity of the life-giving force that beats inside her. On the contrary, like many women you may often find yourself always in a doing mode, feeling exhausted and burnt out, striving to be hyper-independent, and not having time for yourself. These are signs that you are too much in your masculine. And most importantly, wounded masculine.

Putting down the walls of the wounded masculine

We are so accustomed to doing things the "men ways" that we have forgotten what it means to be a woman. To feel. To be soft and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

At times, it may seem “easier” to be hard, than to open your heart.

It may seem "easier” to guard yourself with a wounded masculine shield. Because only then do you feel protected and safe, right?

But the truth is, this not only closes your heart but blocks you from attracting and receiving the love, abundance, and pleasure of life you deserve. Similarly, leading from your wounded masculine energy may turn you into this woman who strives to be liked and accepted by any means necessary. A woman who will be anything to everyone, and finally worthy of love, and approval, which her inner little girl craves so much. Admittedly, to compensate for her lack of safety and confidence, wounded masculine as her inner critic will put her down, diminish her efforts and do everything to stop her from feeling. But this “trying” to prove and validate her worth, with time swallows her natural feminine magnetism and radiance.

Becoming an empowered woman

The aftermath is, she loses her intuition, a deep connection with herself and her body. She shoves her feelings deep inside her, preventing her from fully enjoying life, and receiving anything love, support and intimacy.

We do need a healthy dose of masculine, because it serves as a vessel for the expression of divine feminine. It is a container in which the creative force of the feminine essence can thrive. Empowered masculine is the foundation that HOLDS feminine desires.

The path to becoming an empowered, mature woman is accepting your vulnerability, in knowing that you can be both fierce and soft.

That you can go after your dreams, be passionate about your desires, but also allow to surrender and flow with life. To rest. To invite pleasure in life. That it's ok to hurt. To feel sad. To rage and rejoice.

Feeling worthy of love, and safe within your skin is an inner state. It has to come from you fully trusting yourself that you are your biggest support. In other words, that you can hold yourself, through whatever life throws at you. You need to build the FOUNDATION of worthiness.

The keys to balancing your masculine and feminine energies

Your natal chart is a soul map of how you can heel these deep masculine wounded energies. Often hidden in the shadows of the Sun and Mars's expression in the natal chart, we can easily decode where these disempowerments come from and how to balance them. Basically, Unconscious Sun and Mars in your chart represent the ancient wounding you received from the male lineage in your life. As a result, the shadow version of our natal Sun can make it difficult for us to express our authentic selves. And accept who we truly are. Comparatively, shadow Mars can show up like frustration, anger, lack of patience, and competitiveness. Forcing things just to achieve our goal. But Sun and Mars in the natal chart also hold the key and gift to the naturally empowered versions of these energies.

Further, by embodying the highest vibration of our natal Venus, we can attract in our life exactly what we need and fulfill our desires. Additionally, natal Venus helps us find our self-worth and how to honor our needs. The way that comes most naturally to us. And by living through the highest expression of our natal Moon we are building the foundation of safety we crave. Eventually we can receive the nurturance and support from others.

My personal journey

I have struggled with my wounded masculine energies for many years. I was very proud of being action-oriented, how strong I was, and how much I can achieve and accomplish. And it felt so like “me”. But with it came with a price. Highly exhausted, and anxious all the time it drove me into insomnia and irritability. I was unable to truly connect with the needs of my body. I was burying my feelings deep inside me. Someone who has Mars in direct conjunction with ascendant and in opposition to the natal Moon, no wonder how I easily fell into these low vibration energies. My wounded masculine.

Until I had a very severe brain injury, which made me to slow down. To find time for self-care. To listen to my needs and create healthy boundaries. In the following years of recovery, I had to relearn how to listen and love my body. Exactly as it was. Damaged and dysfunctional. To relearn what it means to allow myself to feel. And that’s the moment I truly begin working with the Moon and transform my life from inside out. I’m still on my healing journey, but I’ve never been more grateful for all the lessons I received. Because I was finally coming home to myself.

Of course, you don’t have to go through traumatic experiences like I had in order to start your healing journey of empowerment. You have a deep-rooted potential within that just needs to be unleashed. To fully embrace your creative, life-giving force and allow yourself to be a full-spectrum woman as you are.

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