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Moon phases and Divine Feminine

Just like the Moon can move ocean and the see, you have power to move the whole world.

Moon phases as an expression of beautiful dance between Sun and Moon have always intrigued humanity. The Lights, Sun and Moon are seen as an eternal couple, of ideally flowing and exchanging masculine and feminine strengths. They need to be brought to balance, in order for us to find harmony within ourselves. As the Sun rules our Ego, conscious part of our personality, most of us are very comfortable and at ease with virtues we are gifted through our Sun sign.

Through our Moon sign we embody specific traits of Divine Feminine energy. Astrology can help us better understand how we can harness this vital force and use its powerful potential. The Moon with personification of female principal has been always seen as the great Universal Mother and teaches us about how we care for ourselves and others. Lunar cycle lasts approximately 27 to 29 days which coincides with the length of female fertility cycle. And the moon phases we recognize in the lunar cycle we can identify with the cycle of women’s maturity: waxing, full and waning we can compare to three levels of womanhood – maiden, mother and crone.

The symbolism of the Moon

The true nature of the Moon in our birth chart by sign further tells a story of our imagination, our instinctive needs, what nourishes our soul and spirit. What makes us feel secure? What we need to feel nurtured and protected?  This is a story of a Goddess that is unique, beautiful in all her imperfection, and vulnerability, but strong and powerful in the same time.

We can learn how to bring to life those special gifts we are born with and use our feminine energies as a driving force for expressing our full potential. As the Moon has the power to generate ebbs and tides, symbolically the Moon can give indications of how and in which manner we are adaptive in our lives, fluid and soft like water – capable of adjusting to new situations and always finding our way back home. 

Moon can also act as a bridge between inner and outer world, communicating with our subconscious mind and waking in us urge to search for what will make us feel more comfortable, safe and protected.  But knowing your Moon sign and how to harness this potential is just one part of magical formula. The second part deals with everyday lunar cycles where by following her natural flow, we can navigate through life with confidence, authenticity and courage to pursue our life dreams.

Following the moon phases is a sure way for you to tune in with cycles of nature and invite more easiness into your everyday life. You are learning and letting yourself go with the flow of energy instead of "peddling against the stream". Each lunar phase favors certain activities. Having awareness of how to align with them, we can better plan our life and work proactively on our aspirations and goals.

A journey through Moon phases

Moon approximately takes 28 days to finish her trip around the Earth. During that period we experience one full lunar cycle, which consists of two essential parts – New Moon and Full Moon. New Moon is associated with new and fresh energy. It favors all activities when it comes to new beginnings and creating opportunities.  The Moon carries within her that archetypal energy of woman who is powerful, ready to create and bring forward her potential. So, we can use this energy as our co-creating tool, and take this advantage in further harnessing the female wisdom.

Moon phases and how to use their energy to tap into your feminine power.

New Moon Phase

This is crescent phase of the Moon, when energy is fresh, young, full of mystery and unknown. The energy is accumulating, just ready to burst! What is interesting here, is that we can sense this energy, but we don’t have complete awareness/knowledge about it. So with every beginning, it is a promise of new possibilities, but we often tumble in the dark (just as the New Moon offers little light), until we gather sufficient information and decide in which direction to turn our attention.

How New Moon represents joined masculine and feminine energy, it suggests we have the power and responsibility to take into account both aspects of our conscious or ego driven nature (Sun) and our receptive, delicate nature (portrayed by the Moon). We can also experience Solar Eclipse as a result of the New Moon. This happens when the Moon is closest to ecliptic plane. Sun, Moon and Earth are so tightly aligned that Moon fully or partially blocks sunlight. These are very powerful New Moons and you should pay strong attention to when they occur. They can serve as powerful energy portals bringing unexpected opportunities and chances for manifestation in our lives. 

Waxing Crescent

This is one of the Moon phases when the energy is building. We need to put effort in what we decided to manifest on the time of the New Moon.

First quarter Moon phase

After a week later, we are in the Waxing Half Moon, meaning Moon and the Sun will form a square. You can feel some sort of friction, discomfort or limitation in realizing your goals. We are still productively working towards our plans, but we must broaden our awareness in a sense to recognize on time if that is truly beneficial path for us.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Now the energy is pretty high and you might feel like everything is accelerating around you. This is a time take action in direction of fulfilling your desires. You can think of further way how you can get closer to fulfilling your intentions. It is very important to employ additional self-care practices.

Full Moon

The purpose of the Full Moon is to illuminate and reflect the energy that have been brewing inside of us. At the time of Full Moon, Sun (our conscious part of our personality) and Moon (our subconscious part of mind) are in opposition. This energy is inviting us to strike a balance between what we know we should do and what our heart and soul is telling us what to do. This is often very hard as things and situations are not just black and white. It is difficult to weigh which side will prevail.

Full Moon is one of the most extraordinary Moon phases. It draws our attention to what we need to learn and accept different sides of an issue. And this decision to accept, ultimately leads us to wholeness. The ripeness of the moon symbolically tells a story of that insight that has been maturing inside of us. We can experience powerful intuitive breakthroughs, as the Full Moon emphasizes everything we've been contemplating during the waxing phase. A very powerful Full Moon is Lunar eclipse that happens when Sun, Earth and Moon are so tightly astronomically aligned that Moon passes behind the Earth into her shadow.

The waning gibbous Moon

As the Moon light begins to fade, our awareness of what doesn't serve us anymore becomes much stronger. Is there anything else holding you back? It is time to let go of old unfulfilling patterns of behaviors and gracefully embrace our current situation.

Last quarter Moon phase

While the Moon's light slowly diminishes, this is one of the Moon phases when we have the opportunity to do some soul clearance. Commit to yourself during this phase, as you need to prepare yourself to receive. Whenever we release something from our lives, there is something new and fresh coming to take its place. Use this time productively to redirect yourself towards new developments coming your way and work on your receptivity.

Waning Crescent Moon

The lunar cycle completes and you are in the preparing phase for the next cycle. It's good to reflect on what you have achieved in that past few weeks and start contemplating on how to proceed with the next cycle. What have you learned? Did things happen the way you expected? How can you use these new revelations to make the most of the next New Moon? Self-growth is not an easy task and always nudges you out of your comfort zone. It can be painful and discomforting, but we must stay true to our dreams and actively work on our goals.

This is your time to award yourself for all hard work and do some pampering. That can be simple as allowing yourself a long night of good sleep and rest or going to spa for a full body reset, like a real Goddess does. You deserve it!

Discover personal Moon power days

Do you know your natal Moon sign? Once the transiting moon enters the sign where your natal moon is - marks the beginning of a personal lunar cycle. It is very potent energy and it is your personal lunar return. Your creativity is enhanced and you can with much ease to tap into your imaginative world. Following personal lunar return is how you reconnect with your feminine essence, aligning with the Universal rhythm while honing your unique vibration. This is period when you are mostly attuned to your intuition and it signifies a personal reset button. It's like returning home to yourself. It's easier to visualize and synchronize yourself with your goals, as you are emotionally more open and receptive.

The second powerful day during the month is a personal New Moon. This happens when transiting Moon aligns with your natal Sun. You experience more balance in your life, and you have more passion and confidence to pursue your goals. Now, how can we best use those days? You probably already know where your natal Sun is, but once you get your natal chart calculated you will learn about your Moon sign. Following the transits and knowing when transiting Moon triggers your natal sun and moon is a kind of handy as it allows you to do certain planning of activities, giving you a chance to mentally and emotionally align yourself with your intentions. 

And what is your personal experience in working with Moon cycles? Please, share in the comments below!

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