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Wounded feminine: releasing the “good girl” conditioning

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Wounded feminine is a chain that holds a woman back from accessing her full potential and living her truth.

The voice of the wounded feminine

Have you ever felt you wanted to do something with all your heart, just to hear a voice inside your head that convinced you otherwise? A voice there to persuade you, you are not good enough, you are not worthy? That you need to seek permission and validate your decision?

And what happens...

You just wait. Wait to lose weight. Wait for the promotion. You wait for some external approval to confirm to you, that you are good enough to lead a life on your terms.

But the truth is the dance between “when-then” never ends. You enter this loop where you are spiraling deeper and deeper of pushing and exhausting yourself until you are completely burnt out. You end up empty, dissatisfied, without any real hope for the future.

This internal need to please others, to drive yourself toward unachievable perfectionism, where your emotions rise so high that they completely overwhelm you is your wounded inner girl.

wounded feminine vs healed feminine.

Often, these blockages stem from a wounded feminine silently sabotaging our lives. These wounds when opened and unhealed are like the wells of poison that can cloud our perception and judgment. She holds us back from our true potential and stepping into our most magnetizing and authentic self-expression.

The wounded feminine believes that over-extending and putting everyone’s needs before her own  - seeking praise and validation from others is how she should build her self-worth. She is trying to source her safety and security through others, but in reality, it only makes her a martyr. She is always looking for something to FILL her. Something to fill that void. She is plagued with so much insecurity, mistrust, and low self-esteem that she is not able to seize her own gifts. She is so busy with dealing what is happening in the outside world, instead of digging deep inside of her to unearth her treasure – her true authentic, and unapologetic self.

Healing the wounded feminine

Healing the wounded feminine is accepting all these parts of yourself, these previous versions of your younger self that faced these challenges without the tools or emotional support. It is about integrating this shadow with infinite compassion and unconditional love into the wholeness you seek.

by healing the wounded feminine you are entering a new version of yourself.

These are the first steps in healing your wounded feminine and releasing yourself from the shackles of the good girl conditioning.

I know this so well because for years I was stuck in this good girl mentality that has completely controlled every aspect of my life.

My personal story

I thought that only by being a good pupil, and student I would be deserving of my parents' love and acceptance. It led me down the path of doing test after test, exam after exam – ending up with a full drawer of different diplomas that I never really used.

I was in the chase for social status and titles in the hope it would give me a sense of worth and confirmation that I matter. That my opinions and feelings matter.

The truth is, it was never good enough. Until I was completely confronted with a situation that this wasn’t who I was. I was living someone else’s desire, dream, and vision. Exhausted, tired, and sick, I started to ask myself – what is my dream? What do I like to do? How do I want to feel?

And I knew that astrology was my answer. Something that I have silently practiced for myself as my hobby, but I was afraid to be open about it – because what would my friends and colleagues from my academic circle think? Believing and practicing in pseudoscience?

And that is the moment when everything changes. Today I use my love and experience in education and science to couple with my passion for astrology to get a unique perspective and approach in my business.

What I want to tell you with my short confession is that the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking for, the secret ingredient in the recipe of your best life is you. It’s encoded in who you are, in your body and your cosmic DNA – your natal chart.  The secret sauce you’re looking for will never be found outside of yourself.

The permission slip you crave can only come from you.

The life that sets up your soul on fire is birthed from your soul.

The source of your inner power and confidence comes from embodied self-worth through full acceptance of who you are, without needing everyone to affirm you.

You are the blueprint. Own it.

It’s time to go all in on YOU. It’s time to unchain yourself from the "good girl" conditioning and step into empowered feminine energy that radiates her inner brilliance and doesn't stifle her dreams. You are brimming with so much potential that just wait to be unleashed – and I can show you how.

Start with scheduling your astrology consultation today!

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