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How to become a Queen of your life

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A journey from a Shadowy Princess to a Sovereign Queen of your life

Being stuck in a princes mindset

In our modern patriarchal society, most women have been raised to act and behave a certain way. Even through our childhood stories and fairytales, little girls have dreamed of being beautiful princesses, roaming grandiose castles in their flowery dresses waiting for their prince charming to come and sweep them off their feet.

And along the way to their happily-ever-after to solve all their problems.

A princess, a good little girl as she is, she will do everything for acceptance and validation. She believes that this external approval of being good enough will grant her the life she desires.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. And she never truly learns how to become the Queen of her life.

In her tumultuous efforts to get the praise she craves, the good little girl grows into a woman who is still stuck in the mindset of a princess who tries to please others.

She is a perfectionist, always seeking permission from others to do what she wants with her life.

She waits to be chosen, seen and accepted by others. A princess, patiently waiting for others to validate her and see her value before she makes a move. She only sees scarcity, looking through the lens of competition. Instilled with fear that there is not going to be enough for her, comparison with other women is how she ranks herself.

A good girl conditioning makes a woman to constrain herself on so many levels because she is afraid of failure, and pressured with what others might think of her. She stops taking risks and in the long run stops herself from growth and expansion. Ultimately stopping herself from living a life she is truly capable of.

But there is certainly a better way for a woman to lead her life. Becoming a Queen of your life will take you on a profound journey of unleashing your true potential and learning you are able to reach unimaginable heights.

Rising into Queen of your life

To become a Queen of your life you need to develop an unshakable sense and foundation of worthiness. This happens by fully learning about yourself, your strengths, and your flaws and unconditionally accepting who you truly are.

When woman decides to fully reclaim charge of her life, she creates a completely new world, a the Queendom that she reigns with all her heart and she is proud of.  

She also understands that Queen doesn’t wait for things to happen. She is the creator of her own experience and reality and doesn’t seek permission or waits to be chosen by others.  

A Queen is aware of her gifts and openly shares them with the world. She knows that life embedded in giving value and having purpose is the key to true contentment in life.

A woman becomes a Queen of her life when she fully embodies her self-worth.

Failure is not something that will stop Queen from purpsing the life she wants. She is courages and confidenet to take the leap into the unknown, with knowledge that rewards come also through learning and growth. Her safety and security come from withing and she doesn’t seek approval from others.

She also understands that to become a Queen of her life, she needs to protect her energy and maintain boundaries. She knows what she is available for and what not.

A Queen knows she is a Creatrix, with unstoppable  life force flowing through her. She knows how to how to seduce her wildest desires and is not ashamed of them.

Take the first step toward reclaiming the charge of your life.

Like a real Queen.

A woman must learn to source inner safety, her worthiness and her aliveness in order to rise into Queen. And that requires for you to fully understand and accept who you truly are, deep at you core.

Your birth chart is a cosmic map of your Queendom. It will help you learn and know your self better on every possible level. Your natal chart will point to hidden challenges that keep you stuck, but also towards steps how to break through the limiting beliefs and relieve yourself from the chackles of the good girl conditioning.

Your natal chart hold a secrets of your gifts and talents, a way for you to become a self-sorceress of your desires. The unique blend of your authenticity, gifts and strengths unleashes the potential to claim the life you dream of.

You can be anything in this world. So don’t spend it being a woman in waiting.

Start today taking charge of your life by scheduling your astrology consultation. It’s time to rise into Queen you deserve to be.

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