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Shadow Feminine vs Dark Feminine: what’s the difference?

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Shadow feminine is where you unearth your magnificent power as a woman.

Shadow Feminine as a representation of suppressed energy

There is often a misguided belief that shadow feminine and dark feminine are the same. The dark feminine is a powerful, raw, unfiltered and creative force of the feminine that cannot be boxed by societal norms, expectations and conditioning. It is a part of natural, embodied experience that every woman has within her. It is a healthy expression of seductive, magnetic, authentic and fearless energy that is able to birth completely new worlds and be the agent of regeneration and transformation.

She is all-compassioning, going beyond what logical mind can conceive and comprehend. She is intuitive, alchemical, simply magical in expression of her highest vibration. But also this is the energy and power that the collective has taught us to be afraid of. To lock down. To silence as it is deemed unexpectable and unwelcomed in the modern patriarchal society.

But what happens when you suppress something for so long? It accumulates, as it searches for pathways, nooks and crannies to be freed and expelled. And in this process of “dragging through” it becomes amorphized into something completely different -  a behaviors, and thinking patterns that we can recognize as rage, frustration, people-pleasing, being the “good girl” , co-dependency, perfectionist with victim mentality feeling never good enough.

We essentially get the picture of the wounded feminine energy, bridled in fear, insecurity, lack of confidence and self-doubt.

Also, shadow feminine we can recognize in the mother wound, where through generational and ancestral conditioning  these manifestations are internalized as personal wounding.

Shadow feminine displays in a way, disported traits of dark feminine, where due to generational  dysfunctional behaviors and thinking, healthy dark feminine expression has been criticized, shamed, suppressed and judged.

When a woman operates from her feminine shadow, she is emotionally unstable and easily triggered. She doesn’t trust herself, and by manipulation and self-deceit she is trying to go through life.

Shadow Feminine vs Dark Feminine

The dark feminine is the power that woman posses through her inner knowing, deeply embedded in every crevice of her body and soul. It is her expansive and transformational power  through which she reaches the highest states of her feminine expression.

Shadow feminine vs dark feminine.

She is all-encompassing and gives understanding of what it means to be a full spectrum woman. Not to be ashamed of any parts of ourselves. She helps us strip away any guilt and inner critic. She is aware of her own authentic power and ready to own it. And most importantly, to bravely show up in the world, just as she is. Without hiding. Without pretending to be something she is not, or comparing herself to others.

When you decide to work with your dark feminine, you need to be ready to dive deep within and unearth these aspects of yourself. To shed a light on them and accept them with love, compassion and understanding. You need to ask yourself: what parts of myself have I neglected and suppressed in order to make myself more acceptable? Where have i downplayed myself to a good girl and shut the door to my authentic expression and power? Where have I suppressed my own needs and voice just to get approval and validation from others?

Dark feminine requires from us to let go, to allow that part of us to “dye”, so as we descend deep into the darkness we can initiate this alchemical process of rebirth and regeneration. Just like we can recognize dark feminine essence in the nature of the dark moon phase, a waning crescent phase, where the moon almost disappears, before she is being reborn with new cycle.

When a woman integrates her dark feminine, she is not afraid of her power. She is not afraid of her dark emotions. She knows how to stand in her truth, and is not ashamed of her desires and dreams. Confidence simply radiates from her. This is the moment when woman steps into her sacred rebel, proudly stating her opinions and needs.

A woman who has embodied her dark goddess takes radical responsibility for her actions. She owns and expresses her sacred sexuality in a healthy way, knowing this is a portal of her creative and regenerative power. She fully embraces her cyclical nature and knows her body is an oracle that will guide her in the right direction.

Integrated dark feminine is not afraid to share her soul gifts. She welcomes darkness as she knows that these murky depths are the most fertile soil for her to be reborn and emerge more powerful than ever before.

Astrology can be a wonderful tool and support in your healing process. It not only sheds a light where our shadow feminine is coming from, but also how to awaken our dark goddess, that raw, primordial source of energy and use it to step into our most magnetizing and authentic self-expression. This is an alchemical journey where you are learning new truths about yourself – where and how you have limited yourself and constricted so you can fit into other people’s expectations and opinions. Where you have silenced your voice, forgotten your dreams and erased your desires?

Dark feminine is part of you as she is an embodied experience. This is a journey of going back home to yourself. To magnificence of your being, while remembering who you are deep at your core. Ready to descend into the underworld and meet your dark Goddess? My 1-to-1 mentorship containers are currently open. Follow this link to learn more?

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