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The Dark Feminine – how to awaken your Dark Goddess

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The dark feminine is the seductive, mysterious, magnetic, and alchemical quality of the feminine.

The Dark Feminine

The essence of the Dark Feminine is the death and rebirth cycle, finding raw power that is buried deep beneath. Embracing and journeying toward dark feminine is learning and fully accepting all aspects of yourself: without hesitation, guilt or shame. It is about learning you are a full-spectrum woman, beautiful in her vulnerability and mesmerizing in her fierceness.

It is about finding connection and truth that hides deep beneath in the secluded parts of our inner being, where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden.

While light feminine is nurturing, forgiving, emotional, and rather peaceful, dark feminine enables us to access our fiery, seductive, and mysterious nature. It is inseparable part of the Divine Feminine. Embodying the dark feminine is about challenging the perceived notion of what a woman should be. Instead of only celebrating her nurturing and emotional abilities, dark feminine requires courage and strength to explore our brute emotions, rage, sexuality, assertiveness and protectiveness – everything that patriarchal society has urged women to suppress. 

Often we confuse dark feminine with wounded/shadow feminine which is not the same. We can recognize the shadow of the dark feminine as an urge for gossip, vengeance, jealousy and sister wound, lack of self-trust, self-destructive inclinations, and being the ‘good girl’ who never feels she is enough. When a woman acts from the shadow of her dark feminine she has difficulty controlling and processing her emotions.

The Dark Feminine is awakening of your Dark Goddess

For the Divine Feminine to rise, she must be prepared to descend into the underworld. To unearth the treasures of the darkest recesses of her psyche. And usually during the winter, when Venus transits Scorpio, we can feel that inner pull coming from within. The Dark Goddess resides within and each every woman in immense array of different flavors and shades. And she is here to remind women of this long-forgotten truth. The power and untamed life force with creative strength to birth entirely new worlds. She owns the bold, mystical and fearless aspects of ourselves. But her gifts are waiting to be unlocked because the modern woman is often too busy to hear the whisper of this inner call.

The biggest obstacle is fear. Fear of rejection, abandonment, of not being good enough. Being afraid of what darkness might reveal. And being afraid of seizing her true power. That keeps woman in a constant loop of the same behavioral pattern: she waits for someone to save her, choose her, abandoning herself to please others and never knowing to keep her boundaries.

Integrated dark feminine empowers a woman to take radical responsibility for her life and her actions. It is the awakening of the dark Goddess that teaches her how to fully embrace who she truly is. That only through facing all that we are, our light and dark we can find our way back to wholeness, freedom and full feminine empowerment. She fosters wisdom, power, and offers clarity to navigate slippery slope of our life path gracefully and masterfully as possible. That moment woman becomes courageous enough to dive deep, and initiate soul alchemy, which will lead her to ultimate liberation and resilience.

Instead of stagnation, she chooses rebirth. Instead of hiding she unapologetically stands in her truth, in her most authentic and edgiest self-expression. She transmutes her triggers through transformational infusion that allows her space and time to grow – from a scared little girl who never felt good enough to rise into a mature feminine – and become the Queen of her life.

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