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Emotional Alchemy and reclaiming your feminine power

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

Emotional alchemy opens the door to your best life.

Emotions are an inevitable and crucial part of our life. Sometimes we can feel like a ship thrown in a raging storm and sometimes we sail peacefully across the calm waters, cradled in the radiant beams of the sunshine.

But instead of allowing ourselves to be left at the mercy of untrusty emotional weather reports, we can take charge and learn how to ride the waves through emotional alchemy.

Emotional alchemy and your feminine power

Living in a state of perpetual fear, drama, and overwhelm, can make you feel exhausted and depleted. Or if too many emotions hit you all at once, you try to distract yourself, to numb all the unpleasant feelings. You may indulge yourself in food or other dopamine triggers, just to allow yourself some reprieve and feel moments of pleasure and comfort.

Either of these scenarios is draining your life force. They drag you away from your passions, your purpose and living your truth as a woman. Yet many women are swinging from one state to another, not knowing how to navigate their feelings.

The truth is, most women were taught from their early upbringing that everything is their fault. That it is “weak” to be hurt, cry, or ask for help. Or that they are too emotional. That their emotions don’t matter or are completely unacceptable.

And what happens is that women convince themselves that they are asking “too much” when they are simply trying to state their basic needs.

They completely silence themselves through this habitual, repetitive cycle of not having their needs met. They melt into the environment of their families, their jobs, and relationships like they don’t exist at all.

Women continue to carry all the burdens, the pressure and start neglecting themselves by eliminating any form of self-care. They give and give until there is nothing left. Except for emptiness, numbness that leads further to the loophole of despair and discontent.

And why is that?

In our patriarchal society, we were never taught the truth about our emotions. We were never told that emotions are crucial ingredients in designing a life that is authentic and aligned with who we truly are at our core.

Nobody taught us how to understand the unbreakable connection between our feelings and the desire hidden behind the feelings.

Nobody taught us that feelings, especially for us as women are our superpowers, a gift, and that learning how to navigate our emotions is how we step into the best possible version of ourselves.

Your emotions are gold

And I’m here to tell you that your emotions are gold. They are the most valuable tools we have that help us experience life and can lead us to uncover the extraordinary ways we can empower ourselves in every possible manner.

The true nature of emotions is that they are neither good nor bad. They are messengers, a way for us to recognize how we are in or out of balance and alignment.

Every feeling we experience comes with valuable information. They are part of our survival kit – where fear alerts us of danger. Anger points out that our standards or boundaries may be over-crossed. But when our nervous system becomes overworked, it can lead us to these states where we are completely exhausted, numb, or running on our adrenaline rush -  until we eventually crash.

Or when we are triggered, we may react too intensely or inappropriately to situations. There is value in knowing why and how you respond to certain things. And learning how to skillfully work with the full spectrum of your emotions is how you reclaim your power back. It is how you bring peace, balance, and alignment where you need it.

This is where emotional alchemy comes to light. Understanding that emotions are messages, that they carry information for us allows you to value them differently. In this process of emotional alchemy, we are learning to become observant instead of judging our emotions or trying to numb them or escape them. To take pause and listen. This is the moment to invite curiosity and try to learn from our emotions.

Whenever you encounter difficult feelings, ask yourself: What my emotions are trying to teach me? How have I neglected myself? My boundaries, my values, my self-trust?

Emotional alchemy: transform your feelings into source of inner power.

And understanding this information allows us to simply become a vessel for our emotions. To allow them to flow through us unconstricted. When we shut ourselves emotionally, we create fertile soil for disease in our bodies and unfulfilling relationships. We need to welcome our emotions, receive the information, and let them go. Without resistance. And we use the information we were given in a way that we can navigate our life toward what we truly desire and how to stand in our truth unapologetically.

Emotional alchemy through the lens of astrology

Our birth chart is like a cosmic map that can help us navigate our emotional landscape. The Moon in our natal chart by position and the sign, describes how we perceive and experience the world around us. Lunar energies given in our natal chart are a thread that connects us to the core of our feminine essence. It’s like entering the world of the most secluded parts of our soul where our intuition and feelings hold all the answers for us. The moon further helps us understand how our emotions metabolize the information we receive from the outside world. Knowing how to work with your natal moon holds the key to how you can alchemize your most difficult emotions into a source of power by being your authentic self. Aligning with the highest vibrations of your natal Moon is like lifting the veil of confusion, self-doubt, and insecurity.

This is your emotional treasure, gold that once you unearth and awaken within you, you’ll perceive and experience your reality with more clarity confidence, and peace. When you embody the qualities of your natal moon you are unlearning all dysfunctional patterns that don’t serve you anymore. You are letting go of judgment, self-criticism, people-pleasing, and unhealthy perfectionism.

You are learning how to meet your emotional needs – to say yes to yourself and no to others, without feeling guilty. You’ll learn how to create clear boundaries and bring in self-care routines to energize and enliven you. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to navigate your emotional landscape with confidence and faith in your abilities. 

It is time to stop:

🥀Waiting for someone else’s permission or validation to start truly living the life on your own terms.

🥀Abandoning your own needs for the sake of others.

🥀Blocking yourself from receiving because of holding onto fears, false conditioning and over-giving from an empty cup.

Woman, you deserve to feel FULL. Not exhausted. Not empty from giving. Reclaim the fullness and aliveness of your feminine being with 1-on-1 astrology session where we’ll alchemize your stumbling blocks into stepping stones to the success you crave. Reserve your spot today!

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