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Venus in Sagittarius – expansion of mind, soul and heart

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

She is a wildflower, fiercely dancing with any storm.

Venus in Sagittarius in natal chart

Venus in Sagittarius is optimistic and unconstricted. She values her freedom above all. Her confidence and courage radiate from her every step of the way. Her heart beats louder whenever there is something new she can learn, explore and expand in all areas of life that bring her joy and pleasure.

You will recognize her in a deep, sincere laugh between two friends who haven’t seen each other for a very long time. In the a call of the wild for unexplored landscapes and unseen sunsets. A kindness in the eyes that will assure you that everything will be OK. Venus in Sagittarius has that magic within her that when she takes your hand, you want her to lead you on the greatest adventure of your life, together exploring undiscovered worlds.

Venus in Sagittarius has this ability to “walk in other’s people shoes” so she can gain different perspectives, especially when it comes to emotions and feelings. This makes her compassionate and easy to embrace the richness of diversity.

There is constant thirst to experience life on every possible level. Brimming with wanderlust she wants to absorb every drop of information and feelings flooding her senses. Experiences are her best teacher on the constant quest for the truth.

She is idealistic, always looking at the bright side of life. In love and relationships she needs to maintain level of freedom and detachment so her free spirit can roam freely. She shows her love and affection though passion, generosity, good humor, and opening your mind to possibilities you though were never even possible.

As a part of her unyielding feminine charm, Venus in Sagittarius carries within her a sense of fairness. She is protective, ready to fight with all her might for what she values and believes is righteous. Though in her desire to defend her beliefs she can go overboard and become too pretentious. This is one of the shadow sides of Venus in Sagittarius to be aware of.

Venus in Sagittarius - in her low and high vibration expression.

The greatest purpose and lesson

Venus in Sagittarius in her desire to learn, explore and feel unbound can have commitment issues in a relationship. Even in times she may look like she doesn’t care, inconsiderate of feelings of other people. Her blatant response  - which is always a result of her sincerity can come unexcepted and even in times shocking.

The greatest lesson and purpose for Venus in Sagittarius is for her learning that she is her true home. And that the greatest adventure she’ll ever take is learning the truth about her feminine essence. What she likes, what brings her joy and pleasure. Once she stops limiting her self and build a unshakable belief of how truly capable she is, she is unstoppable.

When she has that clarity it is much easier to find a fine balance between the need for freedom, independence and authenticity and thoughtful and caring relationship that satisfies her needs. 


Venus in Sagittarius in transit

Often in modern-day society a women have been taught that they are too much. That they feel too much, take too much space with their voluptuous bodies, their honesty, sexuality, and desires. That they should restrain themselves in their wants, in the vision of life they dream of, in their pleasure and happiness.

And what happens?

Women try to repress this life force within them, their feminine essence. They try to suppress it, making them miserable and unsatisfied in life. They withdraw, trying to make themselves small, even invisible just to be accepted and validated so they can get a fraction of someone's affection.

The greatest purpose and lesson

When Venus transits Sagittarius, she awakens this part of our feminine psyche where we recover our long-forgotten connection with our authentic, wild, untamed self, engraved in the truth of our feminine being.

The true essence of feminine being is limitless, unbound and abundant. She is the source of creation, a fertile soul for everything that she wants to grow and manifest. Her purpose is in expansion of her inner wisdom never to shrink herself for somebody.

Never to withdraw so somebody else could feel comfortable.

The greatest lesson of Venus in transit in Sagittarius is the realization to stop limiting yourself and allow yourself to expand in any direction you feel called to. She rekindles your inner fire so you boldly take the leap into the unknown where your intuition guides you.

The courage to relentlessly follow your dreams is not the absence of fear, but the knowing that you can hold yourself through it all – here and now, while holding the vision for more. Observe have you ever been too judgemental and self-critical toward yourself? This is the moment to strip yourself of any dysfunctional beliefs and stories that are inhibiting your authentic expression and growth.

Venus in Sagittarius opens different perspectives, stretching our minds to all the possibilities for us. She helps us seduce the bigger picture of our lives. And this is your invitation to claim, without shame, your expansion, success, abundance, your next level of evolution in every direction you imagine.

No more playing small and settling for breadcrumbs. Aim your arrow for the brightest star – it’s already yours!

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