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Venus in Capricorn – a love that stands the test of time

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She is like a wine – with each passing breath becoming more alluring and enchanting.

Venus in Capricorn in natal chart

Venus in Capricorn is patient and committed. Her loyalty and devotion have no bounds. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her loved ones. And not only because she feels that it is her duty, but because she truly cares. Her love will endure any test of time. A love that matures and grows into beyond what any words can describe.

In her manners and how she walks through life you will find a practical outlook on things she finds attractive. Simplicity, structure, and daily rituals that bring her peace and a sense of predictability and safety are what soothe her heart.  She is trustworthy and respects traditional values, making her fond of family warmth and affection.

She is there for you to patiently listen as you spill your heart openly in front of her. Wise words coming from an old soul will give you guidance, support and comfort. You will further recognize her in the humming soft notes of a beautiful aria. A classic little black dress adorned with white pearls.

She feels and finds beauty where most would only see boredom or monotony. Like a sorceress, out of nothing she can create a new world, with her two bare hands. An earth magic woven through her every gesture of her feminine essence, she will meticulously build from the ground up anything she focuses on.

She is unstoppable. Even in the toughest times she is resourceful, having a game-plan in mind that makes her invincible.

No, she will not only climb the mountains', She will move them, if that’s what it takes.

The greatest purpose and lesson

Venus in Capricorn may seem cold, detached and selfish. But beneath this ice-coated demeanor burns fire that fuels her passion for life. A passion  to become, feel and do more. A passion for advancement in life. But at time so much focused on her goals, she may miss the real and honest opportunities, passing by her.

When she sets her eyes on the prizes she is ready to make any required sacrifice in order to catch her star. Venus in Capricorn needs to learn that denying her self of pleasure in life can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction. And that is not certainly a recipe for a happy and content life.

Or on the other hand, she might treat love like a business contract. A mean to an end. For Venus in Capricorn is of great importance to understand that her need for safety and security must come from her. From her embodied state. And that gives her a foundation to bring more spontaneity, adventure and variety in her world. She needs to make space for more novelty, surprise and excitement.

No matter how much she thrives in her routine. Because love requires to be felt in all her dimensions in order to be nurtured. For it to grow into long-lasting partnership where both responsibilities, pleasure and affection are of equal importance.

Venus in Capricorn is not accustomed to shower their partners with unbridled affection. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t value her partner. She is cautious in relationships because she understands that long-lasting love entails more than just chemistry between two people. She needs trust, loyalty and commitment – everything she is ready to give in return.

Venus in Capricorn also tends to be more oriented toward past than the future. As the past always can provide significant insights, it can be also a source of resistance, which can prevent her from enjoying the moment and fully surrender to the feeling.

Venus in Capricorn in her high and low vibration.

Venus in Capricorn in transit

When Venus enters Capricorn, we become serious. Not only about our love life, but about everything we value. From our bank account and career profile, to our fitness regime.

When Goddess of love joins steady and determined steadfast goat, we are infused with the feeling of loyalty and devotion. We get practical and focused on what we are ready to invest our time and energy. Venus in Capricorn invites us to get clarity of how patient, hardworking are we willing to be, to get our long-term goals to fruition.

What are we ready to endure?

She also brings wisdom and knowing of how to uplevel our self-worth and become more resourceful in every aspect of our lives. Because Venus in Capricorn is teaching us to never settle. And that in structure and careful planning and strategy lies a reward. A reward for reaching the brightest skies and catching our unique star. A deep satisfaction and joy when you know that every hard decision and choice has been worthy of the struggle and effort.

During this transit our relationships are colored with a deep understanding of what reciprocal partnership truly means. This can be a wonderful moment to bring a union to a next level where both partners are ready for a long-term commitment. Infused with feelings of responsibility and practicality, we may be motivated to start making foundational plans and arrangements for our future.

The greatest purpose and lesson

Venus in Capricorn has the greatest lesson for us and that is to learn what we are ready to dedicate ourselves to. What that actually means for us. As this gives the answer to another significant question. And that is what is truly important to us?

Because commitment requires honesty. Requires our clarity, vision and focus that everything worth while in life has to have a good foundation and structure.

Venus in Capricorn teaches us that the woman we want become, will require our commitment, devotion. The vision of that woman has to be clearly engraved in our mind as it will inform all our decisions on our path. That commitment ensures we are ready to say yes to the struggle we need to endure in order to step into that version of ourselves we strive to be.

This is the energy we carry to every facet of our lives. Being that our relationships, our career or family. Venus in Capricorn helps us strip away all that is unnecessary so our true values, principles can be our lighthouse towards the life of our dreams. She will shows where we need more structure and foundation and how we can bring more stability so we can take the leap and spread our wings into the unknown. But also have a soft landing and home to always return to.

During this period use this opportunity to get clear and focused on what you want to pursue. But Venus in Capricorn doesn't want us to be seduced by the instant gratification. Always keep in mind that owning up to your potential and making the necessary moves to level up is always worthy of your investment and patience.

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