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Venus in Cancer – nurturing the woman within

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

She is softness and tenderness, making you always feel at home.

Venus in Cancer is caring, gentle and sensitive. She values intimacy, strong bonds, and commitment. She is most fulfilled when she can nurture others in a way that they feel at home, protected, and safe.

Venus in Cancer in the natal chart

You will recognize her in the evening cuddle in front of your favorite TV show. In the alluring smell of your grandma's cookies. In the old, stained photographs from your childhood. Venus in Cancer has that magic that you always feel at home around her—cradled in the soft embrace of your inner knowing that you are safe and that everything will be all right.

For Venus in Cancer is of greatest importance the concept of family and to feel her connection to her roots. It’s through this bond that she draws her strength. As Cancer is beautiful feminine energy, naturally ruled by the Moon, when Venus is in this sign in our natal chart this connection comes with female lineage.

Nesting and making her home a comfy cocoon where she can retreat, rest, and enjoy life with her loved ones is what brings Venus in Cancer the greatest pleasure. The inner feeling that she is needed and can provide care is what gives her energy and satisfaction.

Being overly sentimental and emotional, she is also very protective. Her feelings run deep and she is a loyal and committed friend and partner. Her sensitivity gives her the ability to sense your emotions, without even uttering a word. And she is always there to offer a comforting hug and words of understanding. Deeply intuitive, she is very compassionate toward other people's emotions and needs.

But of course, there is another side of the Venus in Cancer. Her high sensitivity comes along with strong vulnerability. So when she feels attacked, hurt, or misjudged, she tends to retreat to her inner shell. She builds a strong, impenetrable wall behind which she ruminates in her hurt in silence, without desire to communicate with the outer world. This can lead to resentment and loneliness, which only closes the door of the love and affection she yearns to give and receive.

If she feels her boundaries have been breached, you will certainly feel the sting of her pliers. She can even turn to be passive-aggressive as her response to emotional wounding.

In romantic relationships, Venus in Cancer creates the potential for deeper intimacy. She gravitates toward long-term partnerships, where mutual affection, commitment, and devotion are the pillars on which she builds her union.

But also Venus in Cancer is cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. You need to earn her trust to break through her shell and meet the caring, loving, and cuddling version of her. Only when she decides you are worthy of becoming part of our her inner world, she will let you in. And in return, you get her complete attention, loyalty, and love.

venus in cancer: high and low vibrations

A woman with Venus in Cancer may experience many emotional ups and downs. In any way she feels her safety and security are threatened, she can become overly protective and possessive. Resentment comes if her affection is not returned similarly.

The greatest purpose and lesson

Venus in Cancer tends to place her value upon how much she feels needed by others. She may feel that she is worthy only when she takes care of other people. With this position of Venus in the natal chart, a woman can become too emotionally dependable for other people to validate her value. In this constant need to care for others, she forgets to take care of herself. She forgets about her needs and feelings.  

The greatest lesson is recognizing that all the comfort and security she craves has to come from her. To learn to trust herself and that she is her safe harbor amid any storm. Through this self-trust she nurtures love, safety, and comfort she needs.

Loving herself through it all, nurturing every part of her  - even her imperfections is what opens to door to find self-reliance, comfort and security within. Because when she has that foundation built, she is courageous enough to break the shell and leap into the unknown to meet the world. She is ready to grow into her most magnetizing and authentic self-expression.

Venus in Cancer in transit

In our modern patriarchal society, a woman tends to be so giving and caring, that she completely forgets about her own needs, desires, and dreams. She shuts down this vulnerable and sensitive part of her in fear of being called weak and “too emotional”. There is a deeply ingrained belief that only by focusing on others and tending to their needs, she will finally be accepted and validated. That she will finally be praised for her effort and affection. But “mothering” others without asking anything in return is a road toward complete disconnection for a woman from her innate feminine nature. Yes, while she enjoys caring and serving others she craves to focus on her own desires.

She craves to pursue her own passions and dreams.

But this never-ending cycle of giving and not receiving equally in return leaves her depleted, dissatisfied, and resentful. A woman stays stuck when she wants to leap. There is an inner voice telling her:

“You don’t have time for that. You can skip the breakfast.”

“You don’t have the skills. It’s a stupid idea anyway.”

“Maybe during the weekend, I’ll catch up on my sleep”.

When the Goddess of Love and Beauty sails through gentle and feminine Cancer waters, a woman has the opportunity to better connect with her intuition and sense her own needs. In her highest vibration, Venus in Cancer raises awareness that only through nurturing herself first she will find the security she seeks. Providing herself the care, and being devoted to tending to her own needs is not selfish – it’s what brings her energy and aliveness of her being.  It’s a doorway for her to start living a life from her creative feminine life force.

The greatest purpose and lesson

From this inner knowing comes the greatest realization that satisfying her needs is how she builds the unshakable foundation of inner safety.

Above all the lessons Venus in Cancer brings is that woman needs to stop abandoning herself  over and over again, in pursuit of the validation that never even arrives. She needs to stop outsourcing her safety and security and start trusting herself. To rebuild a connection to her body-based wisdom, and tune into inner oracle to guide her where she needs to go.

When Venus transits Cancer it’s an opportunity to rise above the woman who is forever in waiting. Forever seeking something outside of herself, to fill in the void. To be satiated.

This is the moment to stop waiting to be chosen. To be saved. And start giving yourself everything you need.

That dream you have? CHOOSE it.
That desire you have? CHOOSE it.
That shift you want to make? CHOOSE IT.

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