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6 ways to awaken the Wild Feminine within you

wildmoonhuntress - Your feminine power

She is wild, raw, untamed and true. It is who you are, before they told you who you should be.

Wild feminine is an intricate and inseparable part of the female psyche and power. This is a potent energy that lies within every woman, pulsating in creative passion, inner wisdom, and primal instincts that always guide her to connect with her true nature. Awakening the wild feminine within ourselves is recognizing and retrieving this power that has been suppressed, camouflaged, and guarded below the internalized patriarchal shackles. These limitations have robbed women of their true strength and authenticity, but wild feminine is on the rise and ready to bring change.

Wild Feminine archetype

The archetype is the universal, widely accepted, internalized, and inherited pattern of thoughts, symbols, images and stories that refer to the collective consciousness. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves describes Wild Feminine/Woman archetype as a powerful living force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

This archetype we can recognize throughout a diversity of cultures and traditions. It describes the particular qualities of the feminine psyche, experiences and emotions that have often been also referred to as ‘sacred’, ‘divine’, and/or ‘wild’. The word ‘wild’ in this context is used as the indication of the primal, raw, untamed, free-flowing energy and expression of the self that is liberated from patriarchal norms and principles.  It is the full embodiment of the inherent feminine principle. And once the woman awakens this essence within herself, she reconnects with the fearless visionary qualities of her intuitive nature. It is seen as a source of innate power that each woman can access when she is confronted with pain, and adversities and to guide her toward wisdom, courage, and healing.

Many fear the wild feminine because she has been tamed, controlled, and repressed for so long. But this wildness is what gives her the power to feel everything, to go to the very edge of the pain deep in her core. She is able to journey to great depth below every trauma, and suffering and unearth the light to bring healing. This return to the rawness of her being is waking up of her primal energy to create, to bring life, and find the strength to embrace all who she really is. Without shame. Without guilt.

Returning to the wild feminine within us is an invitation to allow our vulnerability, to allow ourselves to feel, accept, and transmute our experiences. This is our inner compass to growth, knowledge and expansion.

Awaken the Wild Woman within

She is already within you. And you will meet her when you face your shadows, your darkest hour, and all the feelings you’ve been neglecting, avoiding, or tucking somewhere away in your heart. When you find the courage to explore your most intense emotions and go beyond who you believe you are, you will meet her. She will bring you the acceptance, comfort, and clarity you’ve been seeking.

She will bring you compassion, love, and understanding of the full spectrum of the woman you are. And how beautiful and unique you are in all of your colors and shades of your feelings. 

The embodiment of the wild feminine

From a very early age, we are taught to follow a set of rules, and behavior patterns that will grant us happiness and success. Unfortunately, for most of us it can lead to resentment, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction. It can lead us to never recognizing our true purpose, or discover our unique gifts. To embody the wild woman within is to take a less traveled road, to pave the unbeaten path for yourself while following the song of your soul. And within every woman is that internal spark that longs for life of passion, creativity and meaning. That longs to be free.

A woman who truly lives from the source of her wild feminine is someone who unapologetically accepts and knows who she is. She doesn’t conform to societal norms and follows her own rules of success. Her spirit is free and untamed, rooted in her most authentic and edgiest self-expression. She is closely connects to nature and embraces all seasons of her life and body. Within her, there is a deeply ingrained sense of justice, and is very protective. She is not afraid to voice her opinion and fully stands in her truth. Highly intuitive she recognizes the power of her feelings and allows them to guide her.  There is a constant flow of balance between light and dark where she honors the sacredness of life and nature.

How to connect with your inner wildness

Your wildness is your authentic voice, your truth and your most authentic self-expression. It is in every moment of your life where you honor your gifts, and your feelings, without guild, shame, or judgment. It is in the way you connect with nature when you follow your intuition.

Move your body

In the movement, especially through dance, you connect with your inner life force. When you allow your body to flow its natural rhythm, you are freely receiving your emotional guidance. You are connecting with your Wild Woman.

Connect with nature

Enjoy the stillness and comfort nature may bring you. Surrender to your senses and inhale in the wildness. As you observe closely the changes in your surroundings it may bring you closer to the answers you’ve been looking for.

Step out of your comfort zone

Expose yourself to different experiences, try new things, as you explore the deeper levels of your emotions and what brings you joy.

Get in touch with your inner child

Get creative, play, without constrains, and explore what lights up your soul. It is a learning path of reconnecting with forgotten parts of yourself. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet? Do it!

Slow down and amplify your self-care

Note how you’ve been nourishing yourself lately. Have you neglected some part of yourself? There are so high expectations for a modern woman – from being a business leader, a devoted wife, mother and daughter - that she hardly has any time for herself. Among all the hats she wears, the least time sha has to wear is herself. Declutter your to-do list and find new ways to devote more time to yourself.

Get “Your feminine power” natal chart reading

It’s like having a cosmic map that unravels the path of how to embody the highest vibrations of your inner sorceress, your wild woman, and claim your power to fullness. Learn about how to dismantle limiting beliefs, and eliminate fears so you ignite the revolution of your most authentic, confident, and edgiest self while boldly standing in your truth.

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